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Run Pemi, Run!

Event: A New Hampshire Mountain Running Epic

We’re planning on Trail Running the Pemi (the rim of the Pemigewasset Wilderness) a couple days after the 6/20 Summer Solstice and we hope you’ll join us… well, not everyone. This extreme trail running event is going to be tough, and the hope is to get it done in around 12 hours. You will need to be ready for this one. On our booking form you should be declaring that you’re “Very Fit” and that you’re looking for a “Vigorous” or an “Extreme” level. Leading this run will be Redline Guide Glenn Van Neil. Here’s the info you’ll need:

  • What It Is: A New Hampshire Mountain Running Epic
  • Where It Is: Circumnavigation of the Pemi
  • Direction: Clockwise Loop
  • When It Is: Saturday, June 22nd, 2024
  • Meet Place: Lincoln Woods Trailhead
  • Meet Time: 5:00am (just after sunrise)
  • How much: $200.00/person (4 ppl max., reg. $250ea)
  • How to: Fill out our Booking Form
    1. Choose “ACT: Trail Running (1 Day)”
    2. Select the date of the event
    3. Reference “Pemi Run Event”
    4. Complete Form and Submit
  • Length of Run: Last logged at 29.89 miles
  • Elevation Gain: Last logged at 9413 feet
  • Elevation Change: Last logged at 18,803 feet
  • 4000-Footers Collected:
    • Franconia Ridge Segment:
      • Mts Flume, Liberty, Lincoln, & Lafayette
    • Garfield Ridge Segment:
      • Mt Garfield (Skipping Galehead)
    • Twin Way Segment:
      • South Twin Mtn (Skipping North Twin)
    • The Bonds Segment:
      • Mts Bond & Bondcliff (Skipping West Bond)

The Franconia Ridge Segment. Mt Lafayette looms large behind our subject.

The Garfield Ridge Segment. This is a unique view of the normally pointed-looking Mt Garfield summit and its concrete “playpen.”

The Twin Way Segment. One of the more remote parts to be sure. Gorgeous.

The Bonds Segment. This wideangle view takes in the famed “cliff of Bondcliff (right) and points south and west. Stunning!

The Lincoln Woods Segment. No summits here, just a means to an end (and a beginning). This bridge is a happy sight.

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