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Monthly Archives: October 2019

Early Season “Winter” Hike

The weather offered up fresh snow, rime, and frost. Winter, it seemed, had descended upon the southern Presidential Range. Our guest, from the Netherlands, would surely be impressed. (Spoiler alert: she was.) The story of her adventure we are leaving in the capable hands of our guides, so without further ado… Our guest came to us, as many guests often do, looking for a hike with […]

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Backpacking for Days

Our guest wanted to do a six day, five night backpack with us. She wanted some “Type 1 Fun” — which means it’s fun and cool even while you’re doing it. She got plenty of that, being led by Redline Guide Ryan Mcguire. She even got to experience some “Type 2 Fun” — meaning it sucked while doing it but was fun and cool in hindsight […]

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Short Notice Sugarloaf

The short story is we were called in the 11th hour to guide a half day hike. Our response was, naturally, of course. The rest we’ll let Redline Guide Jeffrey Shutak tell. He is the one who led this hike, and he also offered this nice write-up (edited slightly from the original text) along with the photos which follow: What started out to be a quiet […]

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Last Minute Huntington

Huntington Ravine: We were asked if it was possible, that it was not too late, and we said yes, we can do this, so we asked our guest to fill out the form. She did, we did, and Huntington Ravine Trail happened. This was a private tour, photo permissions not given (which is totally fine and it’s why we ask), so this post is somewhat limited. […]

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Three Years, Four Inches

We turned three today, going into our fourth year of business […] In a previous life, under the name of a different company, and more than a decade past, a vertical stack of four inches of paper was “used” every two weeks or so. The company was pro-environmental by its very nature — living organisms were sold as biological pest control agents — and at the […]

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Help With Scar Ridge

One might call this trip a foliage bushwhack. Part foliage tour in the mountains, part steep and tough battle through the bush avoiding the extra thick pencil woods (thin trees growing so densely that transit is impossible). This tour, of course, is one we’ve done before. Helping folks with some of these trickier New England Hundred Highest peaks like this one, Scar Ridge (3775′). This tour […]

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Springy Fall Wedding

New Hampshire can be a confusing state. One morning we wake up to a beautifully frosty fall morning, that crispness in the air, clear blue skies, and a riot of color presented by the foliage. And no bugs! Then the next morning we wake up to sun and warmth, downright balmy weather, complete with an insect hatch of some sort of midges or something. Granted, it’s […]

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Glen Ellis Falls Wedding

It’s not the first time we’ve had a wedding at Glen Ellis Falls, but we think the foliage this time was completely out of control. And we mean that in the best way possible. The scene was an absolute riot of color — dazzling reds, oranges, and yellows brilliant in the sunshine amid the greens. The skies so blue offering a nice backdrop to it all. […]

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Marry Us… Now

The call came in this morning, much like they often do. This one from the groom. “My fiancĂ© and I want to get married and were wondering if you’re available,” he asked. “Yes. Maybe. When are you thinking?” we asked in reply, breaking out the calendar as we spoke. “Now!” said the groom. We looked out the window, the rain coming down and asked where they […]

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Forever Flannel

The title will have meaning to the couple, since the rehearsal was held on what they deemed “Flannel Friday” — the day before their Saturday wedding. And during the Friday rehearsal, flannel was indeed all the rage. Redline Guide and Justice of the Peace Mike Cherim didn’t get the memo on this, however, but almost grabbed a flannel shirt out of his closet before heading over […]

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Shoulder Season Rockpile

Oh, sure, the sun may be out, and some folks might be seen scurrying about town wearing shorts still, but in the mountains, the tide is turning fast. Up there the air is starting to hurt. The wind machine is cycling up, the temperatures are swirling downward in an irrevocable cycle. Winter is coming! Hypothermia — a perilous dropping of your body’s core temperature — is […]

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Winter Camping Clinic

On December 21st and 22nd, 2019, we are offering an overnight Camp Craft-inspired Backpacking event providing detailed instruction to participants on how to successfully camp out in the winter months while staying reasonably comfortable. Backpacking is not about suffering. Quite the contrary, actually. Even in winter. But why, you might ask. Well, due to road closures limiting access to certain parts of the National Forest in […]

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