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Springy Fall Wedding

Brea and Corey — Married October 10th, 2019

New Hampshire can be a confusing state. One morning we wake up to a beautifully frosty fall morning, that crispness in the air, clear blue skies, and a riot of color presented by the foliage. And no bugs! Then the next morning we wake up to sun and warmth, downright balmy weather, complete with an insect hatch of some sort of midges or something.

Granted, it’s not the most convenient occurrence for an outdoor wedding, but we must look at it positively in that on this day, the proliferation of life was all around us. It was a new beginning for myriad creatures. And for one young couple, this springlike fall day was their new beginning, that of their new life together.

A pretty location to be sure. The White Mountains Chalet in Berlin.

A stream made the backdrop.

Here comes the bride.

Almost time.


The dashing groom.

The beautiful bride.

Now husband and wife.

Let’s get the party started.


Congratulations Brea and Corey. You two emerged as one. Thank you for choosing Redline Guiding.

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