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Ammo Up, All Cogged Down

The pace was on the slow side, but it’s okay with the longer days, one can take their time. On this recent private trip led by Redline Guide Michael Scire (pronounced “shah-ray”), however, our guests decided to go online and see if they could get tickets to take the train down instead of slugging it out with the mountain all afternoon. Thanks to the questionable weather, there were actually seats available. They lucked out. Most of the time when we lead a trip that involves some sort of exit shuttle, pickup, or train — which some folks choose to do — this is planned well in advance. During lunch at the summit of Mt Washington (6288′) the guests presented the news: They scored five tickets! Normally when we do a trip with a mechanized exit, the guide still walks down, relinquished of their duties the moment our guests step aboard the train. On this day Michael lucked out (thank you goes to our guests for doing this kind thing). Due to a technical issue and some restrictions on some of the photos taken — our guests also have a choice about photo usage — we only have a few usable pics to share. Looks like a nice day!

Excellent lead, Michael! And to our guests, thank you both for you patronage, and your generosity.

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