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If we had to point out one guide over all our others and say that that person is our in-house backpacking guru, we’d have to point to Redline Guide Arlette Laan. There’s a ton of backpacking experience among our guides, it’s true, but she’s hiked all of the National Scenic Trails in the United States. Do you have any idea just how many overnights that entails?! Yikes! It’s a lot! So, the way we figure it, she’s probably picked up a thing or two along the way. Arlette has hard-earned knowledge of immense value to the casual backpacker looking to do more. She’s a perfect leader for these confidence-boosting, educational-centric (and fun) backpacking trips.

The team spent a night in the Wild River Wilderness. Experiences included elation and a certain kinship. Looking at the photos, posted below, they had a really good time. To further exemplify this, what follows is a comment from one of our oft-returning guests.

I spent this weekend on an overnight backpacking trip, hiking, enjoying girl time with new friends, and surrounding myself in nature. I learned a lot about backpacking and myself. Most importantly, I’m sixty and still seeking out adventure and discovering new potential. Thanks Arlette Laan and Redline Guiding for once again providing such a fun, memorable, and educational experience! –Guest of the Best

We can’t really add much to that, so, that said, let’s move on the photos. These photos were taken by Arlette and one of the guests (thank you, both). That said, disregard the ordering of the images. Our guests will know.

Great job, Arlette! Such a great impression. And to our campers… thanks for camping with us!

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