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The Effing Dome

For some hikers it’s Owl’s Head or Isolation. For others it’s Hale or Zealand. Seems like in almost every case there are mountains on the 4000-footers list that people simply aren’t fond of — not their favorites. In the case of Redline Guide Mike Maciel it’s the Carters: Middle, South, and the big one, Carter Dome. They’re all “The Effing Carters” to him. So, long story short, when an oft-returning guest said she needed the Carters, Mike ran in the other direction, screaming… okay, you know that’s not true. Mike stepped up, took the lead, and helped our guest bag number 31. So what’s next? Well, there are still two more Effing Carters. Mike… Mike?

The day was an epic and Mike got lots of photos so we decided to put together a little video:

Yes, we did use the best of the old and new: sepia-glitch!

Great job, team! To our guest, thank you for adventuring with Redline Guiding!

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