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Monthly Archives: July 2022

A Day on the Rock Pile

We often encourage our guides to write a few words about their trips, passing along the guide’s perspective, and in the guide’s own words — it offers a nice peek back for our guests. That is such the case with this post as most was penned by Redline Guide Phoebe Seltzer. This was a special Mt Washington summit for Phoebe being that it was her 30th […]

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Second Time’s the Charm

Ah, Mt Cabot (4170′), it’s one of those New Hampshire 4000-footers that can throw you a curve. Many get to the top of that mountain mere moments after inspecting the old fire warden’s cabin, enjoy some restricted views, then swing the party around and head home. Only later to realize another summit — the actual summit — is a few tenths of a mile from there […]

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Three Adventures in Maine

When he finally came back to New Hampshire, Redline Guide Ken Hodges wryly said “ayuh, you ken get theyah from heyah” — obvious to us his stay in Maine had been long enough. As it was he had three backpacking/hiking trips back-to-back-to-back so he got his Maine on. It wasn’t originally like that. Originally Ken was signed up for two trips with a nice rest period […]

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Zealand Exploration with Tom

We led a Michigan family of four into Zealand Notch to enjoy a legitimate New Hampshire backpacking experience, being mindful that they lacked mountains back home and that the youngest members were only 12 and 13. On lead for this trip was Redline Guide Pat Ferland and he’s the one that penned this excellent plan. Day one saw the family making their way toward the Notch […]

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Two Huntingtons

We get a fair number of requests for hiking guides on Huntington Ravine. It stands to reason. Billed as one of the most difficult trails in the White Mountain National Forest, it causes concern for some people, and justifiably so. Huntington Ravine, for some, is really straightforward, even easy. For others, though, the potential for death or injury from very real hazards is very much a […]

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Five Years of Trail Work

We’d like to thank everyone who contributed by our 5th Annual Trails day. Deciding to join the fun is deciding to give back to the forest and its users. This year we worked on the Oliverian-Downes Brook XC Ski Trail West Loop bringing its corridor back to specs. It’ll be a plus for anyone skiing it this coming winter. Go check it out! We’d like to […]

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Eagles in the Mahoosucs

The lads were on their way to Eagle — Eagle Scout, that is, and wanted a special trip. Something new, something out there. So they called us. Initially we were thinking a wilderness adventure, but group size was making that impossible due to wilderness rules. The Kilkenny came to mind, but there were limitations there for a four day trip. Then a half Mahoosuc traverse came […]

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Backpacking 101, Women’s Edition

Sorry, this event is full! Request another date here. Now that she’s back, we wanted to get Redline Guide Arlette Laan out there guiding, teaching, and empowering others. She’s been with us since day one and has earned a great reputation in that time and is a font of knowledge. Specifically we wanted to get her on another Women’s Only Backpacking Trip as these have been […]

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Arlette Did a Thing

Arlette Laan is the First Woman to Hike All 11 of the National Scenic Trails We’re told to believe that a single photo is worth a thousand words. And often that statement is quite true indeed. At other times, however, the opposite statement contains the kernel of truth. Sometimes a photo tells us very little. Sometimes a photo needs a thousand words — or more — […]

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Dad Claims His Prize

On September 15th, 2020, Redline Guiding owner and New Hampshire Justice of the Peace, Mike Cherim, officiated the wedding of two young people, Taylor and Eric, atop Cathedral Ledge. It was a very classy wedding. Style to the max! Built upon this first introduction, Taylor bought her dad a gift certificate covering a day of hiking with us. He seized the opportunity and booked a day […]

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Tougher Than Expected

On the sixth Tuesday of every month people admit that hiking Mt Washington is easy-peasy. At every other time it’s a tad challenging, at least on some physical and/or mental level. Sure there are people that make it look easy, and a good lot can hike it twice, back-to-back, without suffering that satisfying feeling of wooden quads the next day, but for most mere mortals, the […]

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The New in New Hampshire

Ahh, the soothing sounds the stream gurgling, interrupted only by the rap-rap-rapping of a large pileated woodpecker. The family flew in from San Diego, California. This is where we have to insert the obligatory joke about their arms being tired. Okay, that done, we can move along. They had never been to New Hampshire, but they found value in a guide on another trip they had […]

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