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Wentworth Wedding

Eric and Heather – Married May 15th, 2021

The wedding of Eric and Heather involved two days. The first was on May 14th, to do a self-organized rehearsal — which can sometimes be a really good idea if there are several moving parts and more people are involved. The second day, by far the most special of the two, being May 15th, was the day of their wedding service. Coincidentally it also happened to be the JP’s birthday.

Both days were really nice. Rehearsal day was sunny and warm. Maybe a little too warm for the wedding. As such, we called Ms. Mother Nature using our direct line and put in a special request. We asked that Eric and Heather’s wedding at the Wentworth in Jackson, NH, be a little cooler. She said, “no problem.

Since we have clout here at Redline Guiding, Nature, offered to tone down the sun. Cloud it up slightly. To make it look like it could rain, but to do so in a way that we would also know that it’s very unlikely to actually occur. (And it didn’t.)

If you’d like to see for yourself, check out this 8 min. 8 sec. video dedicated to the couple and their happy and outgoing family and friends.

Congratulations and blessings to Eric and Heather!

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