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Wedding on Webster

Some mountains, like Mt Webster (3910′), require a little more effort to get to than others. Mt Willard across the street, for example, is easy by comparison. This brings into question the value of such effort. In other words, is the effort required to hike up taller mountains worth the extra everything that will be required? We think, yes. This hike-to wedding on Mt Webster (via a really rugged trail) would test the notion. To further test this out, the photographer had never hiked anything — she subjected herself to this torture in the name of friendship.

The bride and groom were completely sold. They like to hike and already got it. For the photographer friend, the result was succumbing to torture — not-literally dying — then enjoying the breezes, beauty of the near-alpine, and then knowing the cardio demands, at least, were mostly over. Redline Guide and Justice of the Peace Mike Cherim officiated and also made a short film with the help and blessings of the couple and their friend. This is the result. We hope you enjoy it. If you do, please consider subscribing to our YouTube channel for more.

Congratulations Emily and Tyler!

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