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Climbing Central Gully

It seems like Redline Guide Ryan McGuire was just here. And he was, guiding a friend of his on his day off. One might think it’d be tedious to be back at it again so quickly, but Huntington Ravine and its gullies, e.g. Pinnacle, Central, Odells, etc., are pretty spectacular. Certainly worthy of a re-visit or two, or three, or a hundred. Ryan didn’t just jump in with our guest, he also trained him prior to the climb. One solid day of winter and mountaineering skills training the day before — with some specialized content added with this specific objective in mind. In the footage you will see some repetitive self arresting in action, but we know there is a lot more that went on. Our primary focus, in fact, is to give our guests the skills they will need to help them stay on their feet. Self arresting is a last resort.

Ryan was able grab some photos and footage and we put it together in this short clip:

Nice lead, Ryan, great job, team. Congratulations on the summit!

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