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Adventure as a Gift

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Back in the day, the last century, people wanted stuff for the holidays. Big piles of expensive, opulent stuff. Stuff that quickly broke or became lost. Stuff that people lost interest in or ended up forgetting all about. People were into stuff. This isn’t the case nowadays. Today people crave experiences. Unlike stuff that fades in time, experiences stick with us. They help us learn and grow. Experiences enrich us.

And that is what we are suggesting to you today. Give a gift of adventure to someone you care about. Enrich them. Give an experience. Black Friday is coming up. For those not in the know, this is the day after Thanksgiving. It’s when some folks begin their holiday shopping. It’s a frenzied time. Historically it has caused harm to some. We can help you avoid all that. Purchasing a gift certificate from us is a solid move. And a stellar gift for the right person. It is the gift of adventure — or education if that’s preferred.

So, instead of camping in some cold parking lot only to get trampled to the brink of death in some mall or megastore, spend a few minutes on our site, order a gift certificate, then take Black Friday off and go hiking. In fact, after that extra large monstrosity of a meal you’ll probably eat Thursday, you’ll likely need a hike, right? We always do!


Be done. Be awesome. Have these certificates emailed directly to the recipient, or have them emailed to you to forward or print and stuff in a card later. Your choice, just provide the appropriate email address when requesting.

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