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Changes to the Guide

We asked Steve Smith, Compiler and Editor of the AMC’s White Mountain Guide and owner of the Mountain Wanderer Book Store, if there was a list of the new trails, closures, relocations, etc., printed somewhere in the new book. We figured those wanting to check out the latest and greatest the National Forest has to offer, people like us, would really love to have this specific kind of information.

He replied that there is no actual listing of new trails or relocations in the book itself but he kindly tallied up 17 newly described trails for us, putting together this list totaling 20.3 miles — which he encouraged us to share. Most of the new trails are quite short. Here they are in no particular order, complete with some notations (we added the mileages from the guide and with Steve’s assistance):

New Redlining Trails

  1. Cabin Trail (Red Hill) — 1.4 miles.
  2. Irene’s Path (Waterville, replacing closed Flume Brook Trail) — 1.1 miles.
  3. Lone Oak Trail (outside Woodsville) — 0.8 miles.
  4. Pond Brook Falls Trail (Cohos north of Percys) — 0.7 miles.
  5. Trio Trail (Cohos north of Percys) — 3.2 miles.
  6. Peek Path (Randolph Hill) — 0.7 miles.
  7. Crystal Mine Trail (Randolph) — 2.0 miles.
  8. Rollo Fall Path (Randolph) — 0.4 miles.
  9. Pine Mountain Loop (bypassing Horton Center) — 0.2 miles.
  10. Bald Cap Peak Ledges Trail (awesome viewpoint in Shelburne) — 0.5 miles.
  11. Judson Pond Trail (Shelburne) — 0.4 miles.
  12. Mt Jasper Trail (Berlin) — 0.7 miles.
  13. Maggie’s Run (Crawford Notch) — 1.4 miles.
  14. West Side Trail (Crawford Notch) — 1.2 miles.
  15. Frankenstein Cutoff (Crawford Notch; very short, but makes an Arethusa-Ripley loop more feasible) — 0.1 miles.
  16. Old Waterville Road (Smarts Brook) — 2.5 miles.
  17. Cooley-Jericho Community Forest Trails (Easton/Franconia) — 3.0 miles.

Update: Download printable list PDF.

But Wait, There’s More

There’s also a new 100-yd. spur to a view ledge near the top of Hurricane Trail. Steve also expanded the descriptions for the short trails in the Smarts Brook area. Moreover, brief mentions of the following were added:

  • Quincy Pasture Forest Trails (near Stinson Mtn.).
  • East Side Trail in Nash Stream (better description).
  • Deer Mountain Trail in Pittsburg (info obtained from others).
  • Bill Hastings Memorial Trail (Shelburne).
  • Community Forest Interpretive Trail (Randolph).
  • Mittersill-Cannon Hiking Trail (currently closed due to construction).
  • Short trail to Lower Falls of the Ammonoosuc (Cherry-Dartmouth region).
  • Wildlife Pond Trail (under Trestle Trail, near the Sugarloaves).

Now Some Trail Relocations

There have been significant relocations on these trails (some of these were picked up in the 2015 reprint of the 29th Edition):

  • Rocky Branch Trail.
  • Dry River Trail (plus start of Mt. Clinton Trail).
  • Gorge Brook Trail.
  • Asquam Ridge Trail.
  • Hurricane Trail.
  • Signal Ridge Trail.
  • UNH Trail.
  • Greeley Ponds Trail.
  • Kettles Path.
  • Hubbard Brook Trail.
  • Mt Kineo Trail.
  • Three Ponds Trail.
  • Highwater Trail.
  • Wild River Trail.
  • Cedar Brook Trail.
  • Red Path (Wonalancet).
  • Albany Mountain Trail (plus better description of path to SW view ledges).
  • Jewell Link.
  • Pemi East Side Trail.
  • Pine Island Trail.
  • Nancy Pond Trail.
  • Tunnel Brook Trail.
  • Doublehead Trail (Squam).
  • Oliverian Brook Trail (short).
  • McCrillis Path.
  • Blueberry Ledge Cutoff.
  • Bennett Street Trail (short).
  • Bog Brook Trail (new trailhead).
  • Nineteen Mile Brook Trail.
  • Mahoosuc Trail (N ridge of Goose Eye).
  • Carlo Col Trail (again).
  • Speck Pond Trail.
  • Guinea Pond Trail (highwater bypass).
  • Doublehead Ski Trail (new trailhead).

And Other Changes, Too

Other notable changes include:

  • A massive blowdown on Kate Sleeper Trail.
  • Bridge gone on Moriah Brook Trail.
  • Cable car on Yellow Trail in Shelburne [best crossing ever].
  • New trailhead parking on Randolph Hill
  • New bog bridges on Church Pond Trail.
  • And others he says he’s probably forgetting.
  • [We’ll add new bog bridges on Mountain Pond Loop Trail.]

Plus tweaks on various other trail descriptions and data.

Lastly, There’s the Index

As an aside, the book’s index has increased from 11 to 18 pages better assuring what you’re looking for is found.


Thanks for providing this data, Steve, and for compiling and editing one of our favorite books.

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  1. Redline Guiding

    Update: Steve reached out with the following info regarding trails in the Smarts Brook area:

    I saw on FB that there is some confusion about the Smarts Brook Area Trails (Yellow Jacket, Pine Flat, Tr-Town). I assumed these were on the worksheet for the 29th since they were described under Smarts Brook Trail, but now I see that they’re not. So they would need to be added by whoever (Jim?) makes up the revised worksheet. —Steve Smith

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