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Wilderness Education Recap

As the seasons begin to change it’s time for us to look at our educational offerings over the spring and summer. What worked, what didn’t, what surprises did we encounter? Not everything flew off the shelves, so to speak, but almost all of our offerings sold, and many staples of wilderness education did very well. Here’s a quick recap of our current offerings.

What Happened…

Looking back at our hot spring and summer…

Wilderness Navigation »
Map, compass, altimeter, and brain.
Unsurprisingly this course was very well received and we taught many, many eager minds issuing nearly 100 certificates. We were informed by one student that our instruction played a pivotal role in that person’s self-rescue. Yes!
Trail Running Intro »
Really move through the mountains.
Unlike the course above, this new offering stagnated. We aren’t yet reaching the right people here but we know this is one has a ton of potential. Our instructors have some some serious qualifications and experience. Just a matter of time.
River Crossing Skills »
Read water, rock-hop, ford… or don’t.
If any course could be tagged with “most fun” this course would probably be it. It’s a very hands-on offering that students literally get into. Lots of fun learning happened, but for this one, the season is almost over (though winter crossing are covered).
Camp Craft »
Eat, sleep, survive… and enjoy it.
This is another fun one, mainly because it’s so in-depth and varied. Not just useful to backpackers, but anyone who might need to unexpectedly sleep, eat, be comfortable in the woods overnight. Really, it’s almost a survival course.
Hiking Intro »
How to plan, pack, step, and more.
This didn’t sell very well, though it did sell some. We think most hikers feel there is little to be gained here, but we know what you don’t so even seasoned hikers can benefit from this comprehensive course.

What’s Next…

Looking ahead at what will be hot in the cold…

Mountaineering Skills »
Crampons, ice axe, arrest, and more.
As soon as the snow flies we expect people will be signing up for this. It’s been popular in the past and is a great offering. If you winter hike using snowshoes or any traction, this course can be extremely beneficial to you.
Glacier Skills »
Roped travel and crevasse rescue.
This course was newly introduced and literally took off like a rocket. We don’t have glaciers here, but the training is very complete and useful to those who need it. Moreover, we have our own twists on all the material, improvements to convention.
Backcountry Skiing »
Prep, pack, read terrain, ski safe.
This course stagnated last winter but we expect this winter to be a lot different thanks to a local partnership (to be announced around November), plus we have the ability to teach both alpine touring (AT) as well as Nordic backcountry skiing.
Winter Skills »
Planning, prep, manage in the cold.
This course is another solid offering we taught for ages. If you winter hike, expcially if you’re somewhat new to it, this course is invaluable. We expect to help many this coming season. (Please note: this half-day class can run at any time.)
Custom Courses »
What would you like to see?
We regularly mix and match our offerings. We teach people what they want and need to know. We’re flexible. What would you like to learn? What course is next? What’s your course?

Thank You Very Much

We thank you for enhancing your wilderness education with us, but our sentiments run deeper than just being grateful for your business and your dollars. We are appreciative of you taking whatever course or courses you took with us because when you did that it benefited everyone. When you’re educated in the backcountry you win, as does your family and friends, SAR volunteers (who get to stay home), and really everyone you meet during your travels. It’s win-win, as they say. As fellow hikers and some rescuers, we really mean this thank you.

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