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Monthly Archives: October 2022

48 on Flume

A good year for finishers! A returning guest who had been using our services, specifically hiking with Redline Guide Phoebe Seltzer, finally grabbed her final New Hampshire 4000-Footer for that list: Specifically, she bagged 4329′ Mt Flume on an amazing day in the White Mountain National Forest. Phoebe took some photos and shot some video of the actual finish. We put it all together in this […]

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4000-Footers List Update

A little while ago the Appalachian Mountain Club published the 31st Edition of the AMC’s White Mountain Guide Book. There was talk of modifying the list now that GPS technology continually improves and LIDAR allows us to “see” like never before, but thankfully for peakbaggers, it did stay the same. Well, mostly. The 48 mountains listed remains the same, even though one of them, Tecumseh (grandfathered), […]

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Late Oct on Mt Washington

Skirting the season, just past foliage peak, Redline Guide Howard Aronson led two young men on a trip up the Ammo to Crawford Path and the summit of Mt Washington, then down the mountain along the Cog. It was a Plan B option to Plan A’s Jewell Trail. The team enjoyed an amazing day (just look at the photos), summer Ready Packs still use on this […]

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Scar Ridge Shakedown

With a name that has “Scar” in it you just know it’s bad. You just know it’s going to leave a mark. If not on your body, it’ll quite possibly leave its impression on your mind or soul. As one of the only New England Hundred Highest peaks that still requires the hiker to actually bushwhack — instead of following a “herd” path made by the […]

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Welcome Back, Moriah’s Up

She was here one minute, chipping away at her list, then the next minute she was gone. At least temporarily. Real life once again took over. But only for a while. She had hiked with Redline Guide Mike Maciel many times so when she was ready to step back into the ring, she messaged him and the wheels were set into motion. The result: Well, number […]

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Remote Experience

We took out a group for a mellow backpack, the adventure led by Redline Guide Arlette Laan. Our guests wanted to revel in fall foliage while testing their gear in colder temperatures. Mid-October was chosen and what a great choice it was. Arlette decided on taking the team into the Wild River Wilderness offering a very remote experience. A scenic 2.3 mile hike to the Blue […]

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A + D = 47

The title of this blog post, A+D=47… what is that? Some strange math or a cryptic code only New Hampshire hikers would be able to decipher? Let’s crack this mystery. To do so, let’s begin with the formula’s sum: 47. What, pray tell, does 47 mean? To a New Hampshire hiker, the number may refer to a position or number on some list. For example, there […]

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Fall Hiking & Nature Touring

We just had a guest from Connecticut — an experienced hiker — spend a couple half days with us, about a week apart. She was taking some personal mountain time here in New Hampshire. It was a private tour in terms of photos, so we’ll offer no photos of our guest, but we did want to share some of the views and experience she was able […]

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We’re Now Six

If we were a child, we would be in first grade this year. It does not seem like it’s been six years, but it has been. Redline Guiding is now six years old, heading into year seven. It feels good. We have a very solid group of guides and instructors, and our reputation is likewise solid. We have tried to make a positive impact over the […]

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Falling for Fall

One day up — making for the top of a mountain — then one day across staying low, going slow, and having a stellar experience on a couple of New Hampshire’s awesome trails. Specifically, Redline Guide Arlette Laan, brought a new guest all the way from Austin, Texas (currently living in Boston) to the summit of the 4780ft Mt Eisenhower via Edmands Path on day one, […]

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Crab Walk Butt Slide

Wow, we’re going to get spoiled. We asked Redline Guide Mike Maciel for a few tidbits about a recent trip he led. He quickly replied that he did, but they still resided in the comments field. He didn’t hit “Send.” But when he finally did, we had before us this awesome summary of what sounds like a really fun and exciting trip rich with history and […]

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