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A + D = 47

The title of this blog post, A+D=47… what is that? Some strange math or a cryptic code only New Hampshire hikers would be able to decipher? Let’s crack this mystery. To do so, let’s begin with the formula’s sum: 47. What, pray tell, does 47 mean? To a New Hampshire hiker, the number may refer to a position or number on some list. For example, there are “48 4000-footers” so 47 could mean that whoever this pertains to is near the end of said list. But if that’s the case, why is 47 the sum of A and D. Unless, perhaps, it’s reference to the Wildcat Range which assigns letters to it prominences. The peak labeled “A” and the one labeled “D” peak do appear on the aforementioned list of 48. That would make sense. I think we solved the mystery. And that means that whoever we could be talking about — and just happened to be led by Redline Guide Phoebe Seltzer — only has one peak left to go! Ooh, we’re pretty sure we solved the puzzle. And to our mystery hiker… well, congratulations!

Fine lead, Phoebe! And a hearty congratulations to our guest! Thank you for adventuring with us!

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