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Last Minute 48

We aim to please. We help fulfill dreams. We make opportunities happen. So, when someone books and wants to know if we can help them take on Owl’s Head as soon as possible — the sooner the better — we try to say yes and we try to make it happen. The most recent guest to request Owl’s Head did so in such a manner, her urgency a product of cooling temperatures and shortening days. And we were there to help make it happen.

On lead for this trip was Redline Guide Brian Wasiewski. Together, they made it. This time her 48th 4000-footer was now in the books.

Starting out. It’s a long hike but the team made good time.

Black Pond… the BP Bushwhack helps avoid two significant crossings.

In the last mile the trail gives up what prominence it can give.

Another bushwhack avoids this avalanche-worthy slide in winter.

The slide opens up the views for hikers.

And there it is, number 48. Congratulations!

Great work, team. And to our guest, congratulations. Thanks for letting us help!

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