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Falling for Fall

One day up — making for the top of a mountain — then one day across staying low, going slow, and having a stellar experience on a couple of New Hampshire’s awesome trails. Specifically, Redline Guide Arlette Laan, brought a new guest all the way from Austin, Texas (currently living in Boston) to the summit of the 4780ft Mt Eisenhower via Edmands Path on day one, and then on day two the duo toured a much flatter Zealand Trail and Thoreau Falls. All in all, both days were wildly successful and greatly enjoyed. Check it out…

Day One

Remembering the guest being from Texas, it’s understandable that she was delighted by the sight of rime ice. It’s pretty and otherworldly at the same time. We get it. We are, too, and we live here! We know winter mornings in some parts of Texas can feel bitterly cold (and last winter, oh my), so the chilly fall conditions and frosty morning windshields weren’t too foreign. Even Arlette noted the cold stating that they were glad they had hats and gloves, extra layers, and the right gear. They wore puffy jackets, ate lunch up there then headed down noting that the morning frostiness was disappearing. The White Mountain was reverting to a gray Rock Pile. It’s not quite winter yet, but still.

Day Two

Day two was meant to be a chiller thriller, but also not as cold. Arlette decided that a hike up Zealand Trail would be nice. And it was, our guest impressed by the beaver activity and watery views along the way. They diverted to the hut and Zealand Falls — because it was there, as they say — and they enjoyed that, too. Back on trail after their diversion they continued on Ethan Pond Trail (the A.T.) to the lovely Thoreau Falls, just inside the Wilderness line. There they had a nice lunch break before retracing their steps to head home.

Great job, team. Thanks for fall adventuring with Redline Guiding!

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