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Monthly Archives: May 2021

Yoga & Meditation Success

We recently announced that we were going to try something new: A Yoga and Meditation Sunrise (with some delicious hot tea served, oh yes). Well, it happened, we did it, and it was well received and, we feel, a success. This trip was led by our newest Redline Guide Samantha Fairfield. Yoga and mediation are specialties of Sam’s, so to speak, so this offering was a […]

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What’s Two More Hours?

What’s two more hours is what the groom said to their officiant, our very own Redline Guide and New Hampshire Justice of the Peace, Mike Cherim: “What’s two more hours?” he asked, though it was a rhetorical question. The couple, Don and Donna, had waited twenty years for this day, so adding two more hours wasn’t going to be an event-crushing episode for them. The couple […]

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Knowing the Way

We just completed a private two-day wilderness navigation class with two students. Day one was a virtual half/live half — it works so well doing it this way. And day two was a more extreme backcountry test. The class was led on days one and two by Redline Guides Mike Cherim and Ken Hodges, respectively. There’s not much more to tell that the photos won’t cover. […]

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Wedding on Webster

Some mountains, like Mt Webster (3910′), require a little more effort to get to than others. Mt Willard across the street, for example, is easy by comparison. This brings into question the value of such effort. In other words, is the effort required to hike up taller mountains worth the extra everything that will be required? We think, yes. This hike-to wedding on Mt Webster (via […]

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Wentworth Wedding

The wedding of Eric and Heather involved two days. The first was on May 14th, to do a self-organized rehearsal — which can sometimes be a really good idea if there are several moving parts and more people are involved. The second day, by far the most special of the two, being May 15th, was the day of their wedding service. Coincidentally it also happened to […]

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The Great Smoky Mountains

Our hope is to meet the needs of our guests, no matter what they are. Including guiding an oft-returning section-hiking guest, “Bear Repellent,” through the southern half of the Great Smoky Mountains. What follows is a text summary of the trip by Redline Guide Arlette Laan and after that we are featuring a photo/video compilation created with media from Arlette. Day one had us start at […]

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Yoga & Meditation Sunrise

Here’s an idea we came up with for Memorial Day weekend: Individuals, couples, or families can head up to the Mt Washington Valley on Saturday May 29th, taking their time, enjoying the ride. Once they arrive they can check in to one of the numerous hotels in the area (call us for a recommendation). The rest of the afternoon is spent shopping, checking out some local […]

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Samantha Joins the Team

We’re pleased to announce we have taken on yet another guide. Redline Guide Samantha Fairfield is new to guiding as a career but has long maintained a strong desire to guide and to do so with Redline Guiding in particular. Her applying twice, the second time with a wilderness first responder (WFR) certifications added to her credentials, was a sure testament to her ambition and enthusiasm. […]

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