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Knowing the Way

We just completed a private two-day wilderness navigation class with two students. Day one was a virtual half/live half — it works so well doing it this way. And day two was a more extreme backcountry test. The class was led on days one and two by Redline Guides Mike Cherim and Ken Hodges, respectively. There’s not much more to tell that the photos won’t cover. The students were sharp, very sharp, so everything went extremely well. What follows are a few photos of the experience taken by Mike and Ken.

On day one they…

After the morning was spent learning remotely, the team got together to test their skills and advance their learning.

Putting the morning’s studies to work.

This team is sharp.

Ready for day two.

On day two they…

After a strategy session at our Basecamp, the team went out to find a sure way to an obscure summit. And back.

The challenges were varied.

Jungle negotiation.

Existing infrastructure.

Nicely done.

Well done one and all! Thank you for choosing Redline Guiding.

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