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Rain Cloud Wedding

Photos of the couple, if we post them, are done so with permission. This was not granted this time, which is fine, some opt for greater privacy during their wedding, but we still like to offer the newlyweds a hearty congratulations here on our blog and to wish them a happy life. And we also still enjoy posting some photos of the scene so our readers can at least share in the couple’s happy day on some level. In the case of this wedding, which was planned for sunrise on April 30th on the Black Cap (North Conway) summit, it rained a bit. Okay, it rained pretty hard. What the couple or JP Mike Cherim had envisioned was quite a bit different than the reality of it. Mike had even considered having a nice breakfast on the rocks after the ceremony, but the weather said otherwise. It was cold, nasty, and stunningly beautiful as usual. You must imagine the couple was devastated by this turn of events, but they weren’t. They were overjoyed, the weather was nothing to them, meanigless, it was their wedding day and nothing could diminish that or wipe the smile from their faces. It was their day!

Mike was using his trusty hiking umbrella.

Oh, no, a train is coming!

Found it in the dark.

The day becomes.

Here comes the excited couple.

So pretty here.

Congratulations to our newlyweds. You’re never going to be able to untie that once wet knot.

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