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Winter Wildcat Wedding

Dave and Karissa — Married March 3rd, 2021

A ski wedding… what a great idea! Due to some of their guests not having access to the summit, however, the couple chose a secluded spot in the woods above Wildcat Ski Area’s C-Lot for the actual ceremony. So, for the bride and groom, their day went something this: go skiing, stop to get married, then tailgate with family and friends. The ceremony was officiated by our Justice of the Peace, Mike Cherim. He also took these photos with the bride and groom’s permission:

Welcome to Wildcat.

Mike needs to replace his wiper blades.

This is the spot. Friends and family approach.

You may kiss.

Hugs are also allowed… and encouraged.

Married at last. Congratulations lovebirds!

Congratulations Dave and Karissa — Ski, Marry, Party on! Nicely done!

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