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It was so F***ing Awesome!

We called in a follow-up, asked if the day was a satisfactory one — after all, the photos looked pretty nice (see below). The one guest we spoke with excitedly presented us with several sentences of joyous expletives describing not just the mountain, the views, the weather, and the pace, but also how f***ing awesome Redline Guide Pat Ferland was. They said he was “perfect.” (We wonder if his wife is aware of this.) The guest said we could quote him, but hoping to maintain a ‘G’ rating we figured we’d have to make some edits, maybe paraphrase a bit.

Our guest also told us how everyone seemed to be turning back because of the winds, but that Pat seemed to know something the others didn’t and urged the team onward and upward. Before long they realized this was in fact a great decision as they were able to actually summit the 6288′ Mt Washington and experience its f***ing crazy awesome weather. They made the summit by 12:45 and the winds died down as they did treating them to something pretty special. They lay about in the sun awhile, lingering. Enjoying it. Being able to enjoy it. Pat broke out a rope during the descent of “The Steeps” and our guests were happy with the feeling of safety it afforded. Good call, Pat.

All-in-all an A-f***ing-Plus day all the way. Shown there in some of these pictures Pat took:

Shaping up to be a nice day. Being warmed by the hike helps.

The fellows at the base of the “Wilcox Step,” as Pat says.

The Lion’s Throat (our term).

Strange Ice… rime ice makes everything look otherworldly. Then again, it IS another world up there.

Pat urges the team on, here sheltered by the mountain.

Not just yeah, but HECK YEAH! Congratulations!

F***ing incredible!

Great f***ing job, Pat, and great f***ing job, Team. Thanks for adventuring with Redline Guiding!

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