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Monthly Archives: January 2021

Now Offering Mt Baker

We’re pleased to finally announce that a number of 2021 trip dates for Mt Baker (10,781′) in the North Cascades (located in Washington State) are now available for adventurers among us. This is a great next step for some of our guests. Dates range from May to September, and trip durations range from three-days to five — all available with the help of our friends out […]

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Perfect Winter Hike

We love to hear the word “perfect” used to describe any of our adventures, and often they really are and we really do indeed get that awesome feedback. This latest hike fell into that category and was so-described by our oft-returning guest. She wanted a Goldilocks-sort of hike. Not too technical, not too exposed, not too long, but not too short. A relaxing day with rewards […]

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Winter Route Opens

Our two-day training day and Mt Washington tour this weekend saw Redline Guides Ryan Mcguire and Pat Ferland busting out the steeps. Also on this trip — another for Ridj-it — to shadow, was Redline Guide Deb Dunn. Most of the trail breaking was done by Ryan and there were sections where the snow was up to his waist or even his chest — that took […]

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Ahead of the Weather

[…] in doing so they earned some fine views […] Sometimes folks hire us because they are new to winter hiking and would like someone there to bounce questions off of, and to receive some oversight and expertise, not to mention quality companionship. It’s a great way to shave a couple years off the learning curve in pretty short order. This can be accomplished by way […]

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Making it to Glen Boulder

Again guiding for an accountant friend, Redline Guide Mike Cherim this time heads over to Glen Boulder Trail with hopes of making it to the famed boulder — showing his guest another taste of treeline (last winter they hiked to 4000-footers Pierce and Eisenhower). The trail was filled in with new snow. Not much down low, but over 3000′ the depth increased a lot. Being that […]

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Wedding Weather

We always ask if we are allowed to take photos and/or video. Some folks prefer private events. Some don’t care one way or the other. Others still relish the blog posts we usually make. It’s always up to the couple. In this video Redline Guiding owner and NH Justice of the Peace Mike Cherim presides over the wedding of an awesome couple at the Crawford Depot […]

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Another Saco Lake Wedding

We mentioned Saco Lake as a venue having good wedding potential, particularly for the photographer, several times. With the upper outlook providing an opportunity to get the bird’s eye view of the wedding and, to the truly inspired, a possible in-lake view would also be cool — either using waders or a small craft like a kayak or canoe. For a while we have believed this, […]

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Mt Washington, In Disguise

[…] many come for the bad weather, specifically […] Many have heard, many have exclaimed: Mt Washington (6288′) is home to the some of the world’s worst weather. The fastest human-observed overland wind speed record, 231 miles-per-hour, was set on this stout mountain’s summit and that record remains to this day. This mountain’s notoriety is well-deserved. On some days it’s nasty up there, on others it’s […]

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Wayside Shotgun Wedding

We’re going to leave you guessing about the “shotgun wedding” part of this post’s title — that particular nugget is just for the bride and groom — but we will gladly offer explanation of the “wayside” part of it. The wayside at which this lovely couple held their lightly western-themed wedding, is located way up in Colebrook NH. Specifically it’s the Beaver Brook Falls State Wayside. […]

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Buffs Are Back in Stock

Our popular Sunshields (a brand of Buff) sold out so we ordered some more. Based on demand last year, we have two colors back in stock: red and gray. The red seems to be the most popular. Order yours today with the form below. These one-size-fits-all-teens-to-adults essential articles of clothing can be used in myriad ways by hikers, climbers, skiers, and others, from hat to balaclava, […]

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Boulder Loop Wedding

Originally when they contacted us, they declined our use of photos — we always ask right on the form on our Weddings page — but then they saw what Justice of the Peace Mike Cherim had created for another couple and they opted in. If for nothing else, it would be a little keepsake to view and enjoy down the road. Meanwhile, Mike could get in […]

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The Best of 2020

EDITORIAL: The Best of 2020? Really? (Heavy sigh.) Okay, to hell with 2020. We know it, you know it, enough is enough. Caution-fatigued to the max, right? Nonetheless, the hope and promise of a new year is upon us. We don’t think anyone is expecting great relief right from the start of 2021, but hopefully by the time we reach its end enough of the population […]

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