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Ahead of the Weather

[…] in doing so they earned some fine views […]

Sometimes folks hire us because they are new to winter hiking and would like someone there to bounce questions off of, and to receive some oversight and expertise, not to mention quality companionship. It’s a great way to shave a couple years off the learning curve in pretty short order. This can be accomplished by way of our educational classes, but sometimes just getting out there and doing it — possibly in conjunction with said classes — is the better. It’s probably more fun, though certainly more work for our guests. But it’s the good kind. Leading on this trip was Redline Guide Nico Dubois.

Nico signed out pretty early. He was hoping to stay ahead of the mountain snows expected for later in the day, and in doing so they earned some fine views from their destination for the day: that being the summit of 4310-foot Mt Pierce. The views didn’t last, however, the weather rolling in quickly after their arrival. Since the team made good time up and down the mountain, Nico detoured to Crawford Ledge with our guest. By this time, though, the clouds descended and they could only see a foggy Highland Center and that was about it. A great hike, nonetheless!

Check out this video compilation we made using Nico’s photos…

Good lead, Nico. And to our guest, well done. Thanks for adventuring with Redline Guiding.

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