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Wedding Weather

We always ask if we are allowed to take photos and/or video. Some folks prefer private events. Some don’t care one way or the other. Others still relish the blog posts we usually make. It’s always up to the couple. In this video Redline Guiding owner and NH Justice of the Peace Mike Cherim presides over the wedding of an awesome couple at the Crawford Depot as it provided shelter and protection from the wind and snow. Originally the couple requested the Eisenhower Memorial Wayside Park down the road. The day the couple selected was perhaps, in the eyes of some, less than awesome. But you know what? It’s was a memorable one… and, further, if that knot got wet in the making, well, it only means it’ll be nearly impossible to ever untie. Here’s a look at the scene and weather in this very short video…

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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