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Winter Route Opens

Our two-day training day and Mt Washington tour this weekend saw Redline Guides Ryan Mcguire and Pat Ferland busting out the steeps. Also on this trip — another for Ridj-it — to shadow, was Redline Guide Deb Dunn. Most of the trail breaking was done by Ryan and there were sections where the snow was up to his waist or even his chest — that took some effort.

After a full training day, the team made their attempt knowing that reaching Mt Washington’s 6288-foot summit was unlikely. The main problem was the winds on that crazy mountain. It was also quite cold, but it was the winds as they contributed to the extreme chilling. The team ended up calling it about 0.1 miles from the Lion Head formation itself. Members of the team were being buffeted pretty significantly.

It’s not to say the day wasn’t without its rewards, however. It was a great day. The whole weekend was awesome. They got out, and they got some fresh air and exercise. Plus the skies were blue and the sun was shining. It was a very pretty day despite the cold and wind. The winter route had just opened so that was a treat, as well, and while the snow was loose and unconsolidated, it wasn’t hardpack or ice. Some members of the team also got to see a pine marten just above the “Wilcox Step” as reported by Pat. That is awesome!

Good lead team, and great climb everyone! Thanks for adventuring with Redline Guiding.

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