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Mt Washington, In Disguise

[…] many come for the bad weather, specifically […]

Many have heard, many have exclaimed: Mt Washington (6288′) is home to the some of the world’s worst weather. The fastest human-observed overland wind speed record, 231 miles-per-hour, was set on this stout mountain’s summit and that record remains to this day. This mountain’s notoriety is well-deserved. On some days it’s nasty up there, on others it’s barely survivable, and on many days we don’t even try, its ferocity off the charts of doability. Running our two-day program for Ridj-it and other groups, the weekend is scheduled in advance so the weather’s a roll of the dice. Since many come for the bad weather, specifically, this group’s trip may have been a success or failure, depending on your view. In any case, four more people have claimed this lauded winter summit — on a wicked beautiful day. On lead for this trip was Redline Guides Ryan Mcguire and Pat Ferland. Both guides contributed to the photos.

First stop.

Progress made.

Lion Head Trail (regular summer route).



“A bluebird day.”

Continuing on.

Approaching Lion Head.

Summit team.

Well done guides and guests alike. Thank you for adventuring with Redline Guiding.

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