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Monthly Archives: September 2020

Zen Backpack

A standard case in one’s thinking is that mountain miles are equitable to miles elsewhere. While sometimes that’s true, most of the time that pesky elevation gain really messes with the overall effort required. In those times, there’s no comparison. Walking up the side of a mountain is a lot tougher than end-to-ending your favorite plain or other flatland of choice. And that’s what happened. A […]

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Connecting Sections

Once again Redline Guide Arlette Laan was helping many-time returning guest “Bear Repellent” make her way through New Hampshire’s version of the Appalachian Trail (AT). Section by section, flipping then flopping, working around the weather and anything else that gets in the way. The result: it’s happening. The sections are getting connected. Only one remains, and it’s the easiest so she’ll probably hike it with friends. […]

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Finishing the Bonds

They had been out there before, they got the Twins, they got West Bond, but a lack of sleep and a motivation-crushing lack of views got in the way of them also getting the two other 4000-footers out yonder: Bond and Bondcliff. This time, coming in from the south so as to get the goods early on, they hoped to change all that and score both […]

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More Redline Porter Service

Some will ask: “Can you be our gear Sherpa?” But technically speaking what they mean to ask is: “Can you be our gear porter?” And by this they are effectively requesting that we hike-in their backpacking gear — tent, sleeping bag, pad, cookware, stove/fuel, and food — to a specified location, set it up, then come back and retrieve it after a certain amount time has […]

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Simple Mountain Wedding

“Seven days out,” the bride said, “the forecast was calling for rain.” With a thankful tone she added that “they really lucked out.” The morning, while not yet sunny, was otherwise perfect, with mild temps and a gentle breeze. Our Justice of the Peace Mike Cherim was stationed in position atop the 2850′ 52 With a View peak, Mt Willard. Mike wore a puffy jacket over […]

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Moss Needs Water

The title stems from the fact Mt Garfield — one of them NH 4000-footers — is drying up. Some will tell you climate change isn’t real, but more and more its effects tell a different story. The upper elevations in New Hampshire’s mountains are typically on the moist side, moss growing on everything that isn’t moving. Heck, some even refer to the White Mountain National Forest […]

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Cliff Side Pack Recovery

We have a can-do attitude here at Redline Guiding along with some great versatility and much varied skill sets. Once we have even offered our services as porters (and we’ll be doing this again very soon). So, would pack recovery be something we would be willing to take on? Yes! So the call came in and we answered. Well, wait a minute, actually the message came […]

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Artists Bluff Again

It wasn’t our first Artist Bluff Wedding but this day was a lot nicer temperature wise. That day was also gorgeous, but this one was cooler. It had that fall crispness in the air. It’s no wonder so many couples choose to marry at this time of year. Like the last wedding at this location, this wedding was a small affair featuring the bride and groom […]

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Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad

A many-time returning guest came to us for help with some mountains in Baxter State Park way up yonder in Maine. She actually only needed help with one of them, but the others are on the way so we guided. Namely, she wanted help with the 3867′ Fort Mtn — one of the New England Hundred Highest peaks — but Coe and the Brothers, South and […]

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Pablo’s Big Day

Today was all about Pablo the dog. If you don’t believe us, just ask him. The fact his parents were getting married was inconsequential. He wanted all the attention and wasn’t a bit happy about whatever manner of circumstances were going on, barking and… is that a growl? How cute. (Grr, they don’t take me seriously.) He should be lounging in his favorite spot at home, […]

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Training on the Moats

A fellow came to us looking to do several things. To learn some skills and do some training over the winter. To prepare him for more of the same to come. We started with a single hike — because you have to start somewhere — and with this we could see where he was at and, knowing this, what path would be best for him to […]

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Ready to Respond

We love it when our guides earn their Wilderness First Responder (WFR) credentials in backcountry medicine. That way they can perform a proper backcountry medical response should it ever be required. That’s what Redline Guide Deb Dunn just did, she re-certified after some time away from it. We’re here to help her celebrate. Deb traveled to Vermont for this SOLO class, but she told us it […]

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