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Pablo’s Big Day

Sara and Chris — Married September 19th, 2020

Today was all about Pablo the dog. If you don’t believe us, just ask him. The fact his parents were getting married was inconsequential. He wanted all the attention and wasn’t a bit happy about whatever manner of circumstances were going on, barking and… is that a growl? How cute. (Grr, they don’t take me seriously.)

He should be lounging in his favorite spot at home, not shivering atop some cliff in North Conway, NH. Yet, there he was, dressed up in a tuxedo-style harness wondering what the heck was going on. He probably had no idea his parents weren’t already married. This had been a long time in the making. (Grr, about time you two.)

The air was crisp. Everyone wondered if it would be too chilly, but as soon as the sun kissed us, we knew it was perfect. Sunny, clear, actually quite comfortable. It couldn’t be much better, really. The couple was quite fortunate. Also fortunate is Pablo. (Yes, it is time to swing the story back to him.) He just doesn’t know it. To him the early morning and formalities among strangers wasn’t to his liking, but when all said and done, we bet if were to ask him if he approved of the union, we are positive, like his parents, his reply would be “I do.” (Grr, you guys know me too well.)

Let’s start with a shot of Pablo looking adorable in his new tuxedo harness.

Reading their own vows was emotional for them both.

You may kiss.

Deb Dunn on photo assignment.

The rings.

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

Did we tell you how great a morning it was? It was awesome.

Candid couple’s shot.


The couple working with Deb.


To Pablo, forever.

Enough about them. What about me?!

Congratulations Pablo, Chris, and Sara. May all your days be perfect. Thank you for choosing Redline Guiding.

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