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Simple Mountain Wedding

Kurt and Casey — Married September 25th, 2020

Seven days out,” the bride said, “the forecast was calling for rain.” With a thankful tone she added that “they really lucked out.” The morning, while not yet sunny, was otherwise perfect, with mild temps and a gentle breeze. Our Justice of the Peace Mike Cherim was stationed in position atop the 2850′ 52 With a View peak, Mt Willard.

Mike wore a puffy jacket over his business-casual attire because it was early and the sun hadn’t yet warmed things up. He wore shorts with a light wind shirt on the way up, but he was now waiting and no longer generating his own heat by hiking, so without the puffy he would have gotten cold while waiting. Fortunately he hikes prepared. He knows how predictably unpredictable mountain weather can be.

The bride and groom showed up, half dressed for the occasion. Literally in the groom’s case. He hiked up in his suit and was starting to sweat so he took everything above the waist off and carried it. It was abundantly clear to Mike, however, that this was the same couple he had a video conference with mere weeks ago. The bride was looking radiant, with flowers in her hair, and the shirtless groom, handsome, a big smile on his face. With them a photographer and the couple’s adorable flowered-up dog.

This is the way to eternal happiness. One of the routes, anyway.

Walk toward the light. There were folks camping up there, but not directly under the “No Camping” sign.

First view… an abstract, to be sure.

It’s a long way down. Fast, though, we’re sure.

A riot of color. Smashing.

The bride and groom prepare.

They’re decent enough for photos.

The bride is super stoked. The groom is grabbing their rings.

Here comes the groom…

Mike prompts them to each recite their own vows.

The newlyweds kiss. Congratulations!

Now that’s the way to do it.

Congratulations Kurt and Casey — We hope all your days are perfect!

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