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Artists Bluff Again

Michelle and Joseph — Married September 19th, 2020

It wasn’t our first Artist Bluff Wedding but this day was a lot nicer temperature wise. That day was also gorgeous, but this one was cooler. It had that fall crispness in the air. It’s no wonder so many couples choose to marry at this time of year. Like the last wedding at this location, this wedding was a small affair featuring the bride and groom and a small collection of close friends in attendance.

It was an informal ceremony, though the bride and groom were dressed up for the occasion. Everyone else — including our Justice of the Peace, Mike Cherim — was told to stand down in terms of dressing up. Casual was the order of the day. (Mike still wore a button-down shirt — can’t be a total bum.)

There was one anomaly as it concerned the paperwork. The town hall in Lincoln NH issued the license, but they didn’t sign it! They didn’t have the bride and groom sign it, ether. Thankfully we had the couple take care of that part on the spot. Mike wasn’t sure what to do. A valid marriage license is required to perform the ceremony. And the couple had one, it just wasn’t signed — making it invalid? He just wasn’t sure. This was a first, to be certain. Everyone was there, the couple dressed, their intention crystal clear, so Mike decided to go on with it as planned. Pfft, let the Lincoln town hall deal with it on Monday (he did call and leave a message, but they were closed).

This way to marital bliss.

The going may sometimes seem impossible.

But the way, as rough as it may be, is manageable.

Great views, but with some traffic noise.

The color is starting.

Fast forward to post ceremony. Meet the newlyweds.

You may kiss.

Great looking couple!

Nice touch.

The wedding shoes shot. Classic yet unconventional.


The Bluff party carries on after we leave.

Congratulations to Michelle and Joseph, the ceremony counts in our eyes! Let’s hope Lincoln agrees. 🤞

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