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Cliff Side Pack Recovery

We have a can-do attitude here at Redline Guiding along with some great versatility and much varied skill sets. Once we have even offered our services as porters (and we’ll be doing this again very soon). So, would pack recovery be something we would be willing to take on? Yes! So the call came in and we answered. Well, wait a minute, actually the message came in via Facebook Messenger and we promptly replied.

I was wondering if you would be able to help me out. Maybe you know someone or I could hire you. My backpack slid off of Zeacliff today.
I tried to walk down some rocks but there is a huge drop after that. I was wondering if you know any climbers willing to rappel down the rocks or help me bushwack in there safely. —Pack’s Owner

We offered to help. Just back in service after a brief hiatus, Redline Guide Pat Ferland had the right skills for the job and was available so we set it up. The following day Pat met the owner of the pack and together they hiked up to Zeacliff. Nice day for it.

Once there, after pointing out where it went over, Pat sprung into action using ropes to safely get himself down to vantage point where he could peer over the edge. From there he spotted the pack, luckily safe, sitting on a small wooded ledge, the only flat surface anywhere to be found some 50-60 feet below his position at that point in time.

Pat then built a climbing anchor to which he could attach a rope. Once that was done, he rappelled down to the pack, securing it at last, and announcing this much to the delight of the owner, then climbed the rope using ascenders. Easy-peasy with the right gear and the knowledge of how to use it. The pack and owner were re-united and we couldn’t be more pleased.

It’s great for views, but lousy for packs.

As soon as they get there Pat springs into action.

He has to set up one rope just to get down to where he can peer over the edge.

After spotting it he announces he found it and rappels down further.

There it is.

Now to start climbing the rope out.

It’s a ways up there.

Before long Pat appears again, pack on his back.

He is stoked to have recovered it for her. We are, too.

Pat breaks things down.

And soon pack and owner are reunited.

Great job, Pat. Both what you do as well as how it’s done.

Nice work, Pat. And to the pack’s owner, thanks for choosing Redline Guiding for our new “Cliff Side Pack Recovery Service.”

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