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It’s Your Ceremony

Brides and grooms, we have good news: you can do no wrong. If you’ve been worried, stressing about how your non-denominational wedding ceremony will proceed or the vows that you’ll recite, you cannot screw this up. Seriously. We offer a simple standard ceremony and vows, and most folks are okay with that, but we are here to tell you that you can have it basically however […]

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Five Fundamentals

Around town we prepare ourselves pretty well to meet the challenges of day-to-day life. If the weatherman says it’s going to rain we bring an umbrella, and we do check. Our day is structured by time so we usually know when it is, and we also know where we’re at and where we’re going almost all of the time. We mostly have our acts together. Even […]

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Navigating the Fall

Historically, the fall has been an unpopular time to take a Wilderness Navigation class. It really makes no sense since the autumn is more comfortable, has fewer bugs, and the forest sightlines are improved after some of the leaves drop. In other words, it’s a great time to take this class. So, why most don’t is unusually inexplicable. We’re hoping, however, to change that this year. […]

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Erik Samia Joins the Team

We’re pleased and excited to introduce our newest member of the Redline Guiding Team, Erik Samia. Erik is a Mt Washington Valley native… born and raised in the mountain area we love most. Thus his knowledge of the area and National Forest is intimate and extensive. That’s a combination of two things we hold dear. Moreover, he excels in multiple disciplines offering a well-roundedness that lends […]

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Guided Dry River Backpack

A gift of adventure. That’s what one mother bought for her adult daughter, Anne. Anne was curious about the wilderness areas in the Whites and wanted to improve her navigation and backpacking skills. This will all come in handy since she has plans — or at least a desire at this juncture — to hike the length of the Appalachian Trail (AT) from Springer Mountain in […]

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More Wild First Aid Grads

Well done graduates! Another Wilderness First Aid class we organized for the SOLO School of Wilderness Medicine just graduated this weekend. A new crop of 28 people that are smarter, better, and more capable than they were before. From now on, whatever they decide to do in the backcountry, they will be better able to do it and do it right. Everyone wins. Our students, their […]

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Teaching the Boy Scouts

We spent the day with the Boy Scouts of America, Daniel Webster Council, at their twice-annual Powder Horn event’s October weekend. This is a weekend training camp for Scouts and Venturers, plus Boy Scouting, Venturing, and Varsity leaders. The full scope is as follows: Powder Horn is a high adventure skills resource course for Venturing, Boy Scouting, Varsity, and Venture Scouting leaders and youth (age 14 […]

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Northern Presidentials Traverse

That Redline Guide Ken Hodges is in the news again. The other day, while Mike was leading a Flume Gorge Tour, Ken was leading guest, Marc, on a Traverse of the Northern rim of the Presidential Range here in the White Mountain National Forest. Specifically Mts Jefferson, Adams, and Madison, ringing in at 5716-, 5799-, and 5366-feet, respectively. To accomplish this we created a plan to […]

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Completing Two Lists

It meant a lot of hiking, but Redline Guide Ken Hodges just completed two popular New England hiking lists. One was the New England Sixty-Seven, NE67 (which is the sum of the 14 Maine, 5 Vermont, and 48 New Hampshire “4000-footers“). It’s quite the accomplishment on its own. For Ken, though, he was simultaneously working on finishing the New England Hundred Highest, NEHH. That’s the NE67 […]

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Guided Flume Gorge Tour

One of our most recent requests involved something somewhat atypical for mountain guides, but it is something which fit right in with our Nature Tour offerings so when we got the call, we accepted the mission. Normally we’d put Redline Guide Liz Wyman on it, being that she is our official naturalist, but she wasn’t available so Redline Guide and owner Mike Cherim volunteered for the […]

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Guided Inn-to-Inn Hike

We were given a request to fulfill that was both very unique and very cool: arrange and guide an “inn to inn” hike for a leaf-peeping pair of lifelong friends. Meaning, in other words, to hike from inn, to inn, to inn making a route through the White Mountains over a five day period. Simple enough, right? Well, not really. Barring great mileages and roadwalks, while […]

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We Are One

We opened our doors on October 17th, 2016. This means we’re one and today is our birthday. A baby, still, but it was quite the year. We fed ourselves, took our first wobbly steps, mostly kept the crap out of our pants, so to speak. We grew, we learned, and during this time we were really able to identify ourselves. We went in with expectations, sure, […]

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