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Monthly Archives: September 2021

Surviving Four Days

Our guests, completely new to backpacking, wanted to dive in and see what all the hoopla was about. They sought a legitimate wilderness experience. Supposedly, they heard, it’s fun. Which kind of fun, however, may vary from person to person. As we say at the beginning of the video we made with photos taken by Redline Guide Pat Ferland, the leader of this trip… well, see […]

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Gateway Hiking

What do you call it when someone who hikes tries to lure others into the sport? Hoping their victims will see the beauty, find the joy, and embrace the activity the way they do by teasing and coaxing them into it, bit by bit, vista by vista. Would that person be “the pusher man” or is that old term for a drug dealer too passé or […]

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Back for Her 22nd

We offer our assistance to a number of hikers working on various lists, including the 48 4000-footers in New Hampshire. We lend support as knowing companions, as hiking or backpacking guides, or as a little bit of both, depending on our guest. This hike to Wildcat ‘A’ Peak was one such adventure, a returning guest looking for a companion as well as a sometimes coach and […]

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Another Day on the Ridge

Franconia Ridge that is. The well-loved, often written about, and severely over-visited Franconia Ridge features seven summits — though not THE seven summits. These are, north to south: North Lafayette, Lafayette, Truman, Lincoln, Little Haystack, Liberty, and Flume. The latter two are often hiked together as a looped trail network exists. And of the former, Lafayette and Lincoln are the main objective on the northern half […]

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Paradise in the Mountains

The title of the post is something this couple may appreciate. We’ll call it an inside joke — even though it’s not meant to be humorous, per se — and we’ll keep it that way. It is subjective, though, that much we can tell you. We’ll admit, what’s paradise for one, may be less so for another, and visa-versa. This time, however, we can assure you, […]

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Mt Adams in Two Days

How’s this for an experience? You ascend New Hampshire’s Mt Adams (5799′) via Airline Trail, transit an exposed, alpine Durand Ridge overlooking the gnarly King Ravine, then dig deep to finish the job, before long finding yourself standing among the pile of rocks that is the top of this wicked mountain, awed by the fact that it resembles another planet. After you summit this beast you […]

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Modified Franconia Loop

Technically it’s not a loop, but we’re okay with this minor detail. It was meant to be a loop. That was until the rains came in the night and on the morning of day two. Redline Guide Mike Maciel decided the best way for our returning solo guest to the avoid the Red Rocks of Death on Old Bridle Path was to take Greenleaf Trail down. […]

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Guide Spotlight: Jeffrey Shutak

A quick search will reveal a couple of these “Guide Spotlight” posts. And clearly it is time for another. This time we wanted you to get to know Redline Guide Jeffrey Shutak a little better. We welcomed Jeffrey to the team on August 15th, 2017, so he’s been contracting with us for a while — almost since the beginning. In this post we are asking Jeffrey […]

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Taking on the Great Gulf

One of six wilderness areas, the Great Gulf, is stunning. This 5,552 acre tract of land was designated by Congress as public land that should be protected by way of the 1964 Wilderness Act. It stands to reason, the area feels wild, dark, deep, rich, and even a bit mysterious or foreboding — and all while being beautiful at the same time. The Jefferson Brook feeds […]

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Battling the Winds

Some adventures are more of an epic than others. Often times this is directly related to the weather. It stands to reason that the more dangerous and off-the-hook an activity is, the more it is seared into our brains. Not only is the event never forgotten, it often gets better with age. This, of course, might have to do with your definition of fun. This adventure, […]

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There’s no place like it and that is one of its charms. On a recent backpacking trip, Redline Guide Nico Dubois took a couple out of the way for three days and immersed them in the wilderness passing through Zealand Notch. Unfortunately there are only a few photos, but we were able to put together this little keepsake video with images provided by Nico. But first, […]

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Writing Your Wedding

Most officiants will offer scripts for the couple to use as a wedding ceremony so as to provide some structure, clarity, and flow (short/longer). Many couples will opt for this route simplifying their lives and their day. Others, however, will choose to incorporate their own touches, apply special traditions, and add/subtract/modify the basic scripts offered, etc. While others still will want to start from scratch and […]

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