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Mt Adams in Two Days

How’s this for an experience? You ascend New Hampshire’s Mt Adams (5799′) via Airline Trail, transit an exposed, alpine Durand Ridge overlooking the gnarly King Ravine, then dig deep to finish the job, before long finding yourself standing among the pile of rocks that is the top of this wicked mountain, awed by the fact that it resembles another planet.

After you summit this beast you make your way carefully, moon rock by moon rock, down to a settlement. A hut. A sign of humanity. You step inside, a welcome sight with your reservation in hand — your name on the list of allowable Earthlings — and there you find prepared sustenance, water, and a bunk on which you can rest you weary head.

Outside the winds make the structure creak and moan, an occasional bang jostles you in the night. Is that snoring? Nonetheless you awaken refreshed, but famished. Fortunately the same reservation that brought you a dinner and a bunk also feeds you in the morning, and these odd Earthlings — “Croo” they call them — don’t hold out. Redline Guide Jeffrey Shutak took a few photos of the experience, and in typical fashion, we put them into a YouTube video, shared below. We hope you enjoy it!

Great job one and all! Thank you for adventuring with Redline Guiding.

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