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Paradise in the Mountains

The title of the post is something this couple may appreciate. We’ll call it an inside joke — even though it’s not meant to be humorous, per se — and we’ll keep it that way. It is subjective, though, that much we can tell you. We’ll admit, what’s paradise for one, may be less so for another, and visa-versa. This time, however, we can assure you, we’re spot on. As far as the written summary of this couple’s first-time backpack, this we will leave in the capable hands of Redline Guide Deb Dunn who was on lead for this assignment. Here’s what Deb wrote:

This was an absolutely wonderful learning adventure with this lovely couple on their very first-ever backpacking trip, planning a couple years in advance of an AT (Appalachian Trail) thru-hike in retirement. It was not only their first backpacking trip, but also their first time ever setting up and sleeping in a tent! They were strong hikers, very enthusiastic, and eager to learn. We were blessed with good weather after a somewhat iffy forecast. Only light rain here and there, and a bit of wind at night camping at the Unknown Pond Tentsite.
On day 1 we hiked up the Unknown Pond Trail from the south, spent a couple of hours learning all about choosing a safe, secure, and comfortable tent site, setting up a tent, blowing up sleeping pads, how to stow gear, where to place wet clothing, and how and where to set up a kitchen/bear bag, and more. Then headed up for an afternoon hike to The Horn (3900′), one of the 52 WAV peaks.
On day 2 we hiked out the wild and beautiful Kilkenny Ridge Trail, and down Mill Brook Trail, with an awesome and vigorous side trip to Roger’s Ledge (2965′) to tick off yet another 52 WAV peak on their list. We slogged through lots of muddy and overgrown spots and marveled at the lushness, rapidly changing foliage, and were treated to several large toads and a snake on the paths. Bravo to our newest backpackers! —Deb

Deb also took a number of photos which we compiled into this short film.

Well done one and all. Welcome to the world of backpacking, and thanks for choosing to learn Camp Craft with Redline Guiding.

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