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Back for Her 22nd

We offer our assistance to a number of hikers working on various lists, including the 48 4000-footers in New Hampshire. We lend support as knowing companions, as hiking or backpacking guides, or as a little bit of both, depending on our guest. This hike to Wildcat ‘A’ Peak was one such adventure, a returning guest looking for a companion as well as a sometimes coach and mentor. She hired us again to help her along her path to completion. This mountain was her 22nd out of the 48. Two more peaks and she will be half way there. Leading on this trip — and impressing our guest with his ability to note and share a couple pacing discrepancies — was Redline Guide Tim Jones. Tim was able to help her make some adjustments which greatly improved the way she moved and felt on trail. Way to go, Tim!

Great job on the coaching, Tim. We’re impressed. And to our guest, thank you for continuing to adventure with us.

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