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Modified Franconia Loop

Technically it’s not a loop, but we’re okay with this minor detail. It was meant to be a loop. That was until the rains came in the night and on the morning of day two. Redline Guide Mike Maciel decided the best way for our returning solo guest to the avoid the Red Rocks of Death on Old Bridle Path was to take Greenleaf Trail down. Having planned for this possibility, Mike left a car in the Cannon lot so they didn’t have to make a “road walk” to connect their start and end points. Mike captured this two day, one night tour — involving a Greenleaf Hut stay with a hefty breakfast — with photos and video clips we smashed together into this mini-movie. Enjoy!

Great job everyone! Thanks for continuing your White Mountains adventure with Redline Guiding.

Note: Bridal Veil Falls as named in the video is actually Cloudland Falls. Whoops.

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