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Helping with the 48

The summit of #11. Well done.

Many of our guests don’t “need” us, per se, but we are good company, we’re very prepared and knowledgeable (plus we’re all really funny and good looking), and we’re within budget for many. Thus, for some folks, having us along for support is a no-brainer, as they say. That was the case with this returning guest. With our help and others, she has been quickly putting the 48 mountains on our list behind her. On this trip, the 4340′ Mt Osceola was checked off. Number 11/48!

On point for this tour was Redline Guide Pat Ferland (a.k.a. our pack rescuer). He met our guest at the trailhead at 7:30 and after the Covid formalities (taking temperature and blood/oxygen saturation), the team of two made for the summit 3.2 miles away. They made decent time, but didn’t linger due to mist and clouds. Our guest was pleased nonetheless. We get it. Not having views is simply a different kind of experience — and we think it’s a really positive one. The mist lends an air of mystery and excitement to the scene. Plus, with limited views, we end up focusing on the little things we can see all around us and we begin to appreciate them all the more. A day without views isn’t a bad day unless you make it one.

The fun starts here.

In good spirits, let’s do this.

Still under the clouds and going up.

Starting to enter the clouds.

Not too far from the summit now.

Good lead, Pat. And to our guest, well done. 37 to go! Thank you for choosing Redline Guiding as your adventure partner.

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