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Monthly Archives: October 2020

Winter Presidential Traverse

To turn a phrase: “The Ryan is Calling and You Must Go.” Meaning Redline Guide Ryan Mcguire really wants to get people stoked for single- and multi-day Northern, Southern, and Classic Presidential Traverses this winter. The “Classic” being Mt Madison through to Mt Pierce. If he has his way, the Post Office will start delivering his mail to Edmand’s Col or the summit of Mt Washington. […]

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Southern Belles on MW

When we got the call the person on the other end of the line asked us an honest and simple question: “We’re experienced hikers, do we really need a guide on Mt Washington?” Our reply was that sometimes you and sometimes you don’t, most of the time people can get away without one. It’s not a sales pitch, obviously, and it is quite true. We told […]

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Jefferson Ravine, Part 2

When we were first hired to lead an exploration into Jefferson Ravine we tried to take it on from the west side hiking up and over the ridge though skirting around Mt Jefferson, but that trip came up short. We tried but connecting talus top to bottom, and while almost actually possible, at the very end it ended up being a no-go. The team enjoyed the […]

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A Walk in the Woods

Sometimes when you don’t get everything you wanted, you still get exactly what you needed. Most of the time our guests learn a lot from our guides, and not just during the classes we offer, but even on our hikes. Every once in a while, however, it comes right back at us. One guest didn’t complete her hike because she wasn’t feeling it — and we […]

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95/100… Vermont is Done

A many-time returning guest who has been seeking our companionship for a few years now as he whittles away at his New England Hundred Highest (NEHH) peaks has done it again. This time it was in Vermont. He crossed the 3839′ Mendon Peak off his list, specifically. This leaves him at 95 out of 100. Five left to go, all in Maine now. (Stay tuned for […]

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One South, One North

October 24th added at least three more couples to the roster of those who count themselves among the married folk. One of those three couples was seen on the way to one of our weddings. Purely coincidental — we just had to mention it. The other two weddings we officiated. Or, rather, our Justice of the Peace (JP), Mike Cherim did. Here are a few details… […]

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Like Outward Bound

[…] our conversations waxed poetic as we explored some of the history of humans in the White Mountains […] This is a continuation of a prior trip report. The end-goal was to have an Outward Bound-esque experience for a father and son. Taking over lead from Ryan with with this warmed-up team was Redline Guide Nico Dubois — this program is his brainchild so do contact […]

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The Chocorua Challenge

A returning guest who was just with us wanted more. While the first hike, on Pine Mountain, got her sense reeling a bit — as requested, and she loved it — there could have been more to it. We were thinking the next step for her could be the Ridge of the Caps this time spending a full day with us, by-passing Jefferson to allow more […]

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Spruce Mountain Exploration

After being self-employed for almost thirty years of his life, you’d think Redline Guide Mike Cherim would be an accounting whiz. You’d think. Fact is he didn’t know anything. Fortunately a many-time returning guest, an actual accountant, knew of Mike’s disability and offered to show him the financial ropes, all in exchange for some hike time. Deal. Mike now understands a little more than he used […]

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A Break in the Weather

It was still dark when they met at the gated access road to Cathedral Ledge. A State Park employee was ready with the key to the lock so as to open the gate for them allowing drive-up access to the summit. The only souls present on the road or on the mountain were the bride and groom, and our Justice of the Peace, Mike Cherim. Mike […]

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Wedding at Falls Pond

Just behind and north of the Rocky Gorge Scenic Area off the Kancamaugus Highway (Rte 112, a.k.a. The Kanc), is Falls Pond. It’s highly accessible — to moose as we have seen in the past, as well as people — yet, many who visit this treasured site never actually find and view this gem because they simply don’t explore far enough. Content with this Swift River […]

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A Mountain Experience

We were introduced by Redline Guide Nico Dubois to a father and son looking to salvage their foiled plans of having an Outward Bound-esque experience. He wanted to help them and suggested they reach out to us right away to see if we could schedule the trip for them. Nico’s plan was design the program for them — and to make it something we can offer […]

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