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Wedding at Falls Pond

Troy and Mikaela — Married October 18th, 2020.

Just behind and north of the Rocky Gorge Scenic Area off the Kancamaugus Highway (Rte 112, a.k.a. The Kanc), is Falls Pond. It’s highly accessible — to moose as we have seen in the past, as well as people — yet, many who visit this treasured site never actually find and view this gem because they simply don’t explore far enough. Content with this Swift River gorge, they never see where the trail goes. That’s a bummer. The draw of exploration still flows strong in our veins.

This couple did know about this lovely and less crowded location, however, and requested it for the cherished site of their small, private wedding. We were happy to oblige, having only officiated a Rocky Gorge service prior. Redline Guide Mike Cherim officiated the private ceremony while Howard Aronson acted as the photographer using the couple’s camera. Hopefully the photos look great… the weather, the scene, and everything else was awesome, so this should be easy.

The Gorge.


Water levels were high.

The incredible view of Falls Pond.

Howard on photo assignment.

In these times we live in, things like this seem normal.

Congratulations Troy and Mikaela (and again three weeks from now ;-)). We wish you the very best for the future.

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