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Monthly Archives: August 2019

Two Ravines, One Day

The plan was to ascend Huntington Ravine via the terrifying trail which weaves through its dangerous sections, scoot across the Alpine Garden, then make their way down the Lion Head Trail in typical fashion. Our guest had never hiked the Alpine Garden before, however, and when her and Redline Guide Ryan Mcguire reached the Lion Head Trail junction, he also learned that she had never hiked […]

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Hut-to-Hut Presi Trek

The First Day… To say this is an amazing experience in an amazing place is actually a huge understatement. They started at the southern end of the Presidential Range with the intention of hiking its entire 18.5 mile length. In the lead was Redline Guide Katie Vaughan. In her charge were two ladies, sisters, from south of here, namely Tennessee and Pennsylvania. With Ryan’s help they […]

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Guiding King Ravine

Happy birthday guys, and well done on the climb! The King Ravine Trail on the north side of Mount Adams — the second tallest of the 4000-footers in NH at 5774′ — is included as a trail on the Terrifying 25 list. On this particular trail we find its perceived level of challenge quite subjective; some hikers are intimidated by it, while others sail effortlessly up […]

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Challenges to the Top

Spain to Boston, Boston to Spain, driving to New Hampshire, all of it is possible what with the magic of modern travel. But a particular father-son (grown) duo couldn’t seem to get those last few meters, the final meters leading them to the summit of the 1917m (6288ft) Mount Washington. It was vexing. They tried to even coordinate locally with another outfit but just couldn’t seem […]

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Experience on the Rockpile

[…) it’s Mt Washington and is known for having a bit of a weather problem. We originally had two guests lined up for this Mount Washington hike, but one canceled on the day of feeling ill so two became one. Our remaining guest was visiting us from Boston where he worked and lived temporarily. He was scheduled to return to his home in New Delhi, India, […]

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Three Weddings, One Day

We have had two weddings scheduled for the same day before. This has happened more than once and we have others scheduled presently. We’ve never had more than that, though, not until August 9th, 2019, that is. On this day of love we officiated three weddings. Two were on the books for a while, and the last one literally came in the day before. The bride […]

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Mt Washington at Night

We really pride ourselves in being available at short notice and at being flexible whenever we can. Whether it’s a last minute educational class, an inspired elopement, or a night assault on Mt Washington or some other adventure, we like to be there for our guests. We want to deliver the goods. So, when in the 11th hour the call came in to lead on Mt […]

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Summit Exploration

If they were fast enough hikers Redline Guide Jeffrey Shutak said he’d offer plenty of time for them to take in the summit of the tallest of the New Hampshire 4000 footers, namely Mount Washington — home to some awesome weather on this particular day. They were strong so Jeffrey offered them a full hour to mill about and explore some of what the summit has […]

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Owls Head with Company

One might think that hiring a guide for the lowly 4025′ Owls Head — a NH 4000-footer — isn’t necessary. Well, maybe it’s not. Hopefully it’s not. But it doesn’t mean it isn’t a good idea. If for nothing else, safety and reassurance aside, sometimes having another soul to share with on a long hike is just fun. In this case, our guest’s usual partner, her […]

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Little Haystack Wedding

There are many, many choices when it comes to possible mountain wedding venues here in New Hampshire: the 48 4000-footers and the 52 With A View to start with. Some are expected, the go-tos because of their popularity or their accessibility, or both, but others not so much. This wedding was one of the others: the 4760′ Little Haystack Mountain on Franconia Ridge. Many pass there, […]

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