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Guiding King Ravine

Happy birthday guys, and well done on the climb!

The King Ravine Trail on the north side of Mount Adams — the second tallest of the 4000-footers in NH at 5774′ — is included as a trail on the Terrifying 25 list. On this particular trail we find its perceived level of challenge quite subjective; some hikers are intimidated by it, while others sail effortlessly up it, boulder to boulder, seemingly unaware of some of the man-swallowing gaps between said boulders. The photos which follow might help you decide what it’d be like for you, though probably not; you’d really have to be there.

Redline Guide Ryan Mcguire led this trip for one gentleman working on the above-mentioned list, and together they got it done. And together, as it happens, they also shared August sixteenth. For them it wasn’t just as some ordinary hike day. For them — for both Ryan and our guest — is was their birthday! Our guest was turning 49, and Ryan finally hit 35. Happy birthday guys, and well done on the climb! What a cool thing to do on your birthday!

The walk in is nice.

Welcome to King Ravine. Let’s hop on rocks.

This is an option they decide to save for another day. The Subway is a nice change, going under rocks for a while.

Looking back, progress is being made.

A blood red blaze marks the way ahead.

Climbing upward.

The finish. Stay to the left of the slab.

The final few yards.

They acquire the ridge then drop down to the hut and exit via Valley Way.

Great lead, Ryan. And to our guest, well done! One more is off the list… Happy birthday!

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