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Two Ravines, One Day

The plan was to ascend Huntington Ravine via the terrifying trail which weaves through its dangerous sections, scoot across the Alpine Garden, then make their way down the Lion Head Trail in typical fashion. Our guest had never hiked the Alpine Garden before, however, and when her and Redline Guide Ryan Mcguire reached the Lion Head Trail junction, he also learned that she had never hiked into Tuckerman Ravine before either so that option was put on the table and quickly grabbed up. This proved to be an enjoyable, aesthetically pleasing option. It is a lovely, awe-inspiring piece of nature’s handiwork. If you’ve never seen it, we highly recommend it. The trip went quickly and smoothly, our guest capable, confident, and courageous. Check out these photos of their amazing White Mountains hiking tour.

The approach to Huntington Ravine.

Not only does this cache honor late SAR volunteer Albert Dow, it stands as a reminder to all comers to tread with care.

After the barrier of boulders comes the trial of talus.

Soon the duo will encounter the slabby start of the actual climb.

Climbers above the team cause a small delay. Looks like one member might be slightly left of the route.

The commitment begins here.

Up they go. Our guest is doing great.

Part way up. Exhilarating, isn’t it?

We’re pretty certain this look isn’t just a “yeah” but more like a “hell yeah!”

The Alpine Garden awaits their passage.

“That was cool. Can we check out Tuckerman Ravine?”

The descent begins.

This headwall makes for some death-defying alpine skiing in the winter and spring.


Made it. Now the team will make for the exit some two and a half miles away.

Great lead, Ryan. Well done you guys! And thanks for choosing Redline Guiding.

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