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Three Weddings, One Day

We have had two weddings scheduled for the same day before. This has happened more than once and we have others scheduled presently. We’ve never had more than that, though, not until August 9th, 2019, that is. On this day of love we officiated three weddings. Two were on the books for a while, and the last one literally came in the day before. The bride and groom wanted to know if it were possible. The location was the Narrows Bridge on Lake Chocorua. Well, being our first wedding of the day was on the summit of Mt Major (in the Belknap Range) and that we would be driving by Chocorua on our return to North Conway, we asked if 8:00am worked for them. It did so we completed our plan. The final wedding of the day was to be held in the afternoon atop the 4062-foot Wildcat Mountain (a NH 4000-footer). Let’s celebrate all three of these events in this post, starting just before dawn on the 1786-foot summit of Mt Major. Redline Guide, JP, and owner Mike Cherim officiating.

Wedding 1. Jessica and Brad, Mt Major Summit Sunrise

Gliding up the mountain…

The dawning of a day full of love: August 9th, 2019

After hiking the mountain the couple change into their wedding bests.

The exchange of the rings.

The alpenglow couple, also glowing from within.

Their photographer and friend hard at work.

Their day.

Beautiful bouquet.

Wedding 2. Chris and Kelsey, Narrows Bridge, Lake Chocorua

Chocorua is electric.

Lake and Mount Chocorua. What a terrific place.

Great looking couple.

The ceremony is in full swing.Photo by the bride’s daughter.

They do. Photo by the bride’s daughter.

Photo shoot.

New family.

Wedding 3. Sue and Sean, Wildcat Mountain Summit

It’s time the cats should meet.

Friends and family gather and get into position on Wildcat Mountain.

The backdrop for this altar is stunning.

This friend of the groom really set the mood.

The ceremony begins. Photo by Barb Cherim.

What a lovely, happy couple.

Also quite lovely.

Their photographer took one million photos. Here is one of him.

Congratulations to Jessica and Brad, Chris and Kelsey, and Sue and Sean. May you all experience health, wealth, and happiness in your new lives together. Thank you for choosing Redline Guiding.

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