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Monthly Archives: July 2019

Mt Avalon, Guided

Redline Guide Ryan Mcguire had a family of three for a half day hike and all things considered decided upon Mt Avalon (elv. 3442′). It was a fine choice. Not only does it offer stunning perspectives of Crawford Notch, Mt Willard, and the southern end of the Presidential Range as a 52 With A View mountain, it is also less travelled than some of the other […]

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Presidential Traverse

[…] a rite-of-passage hike only for the hardiest of peakbaggers […] The “Classic” Presidential Traverse takes hikers over the Presidential Range in the White Mountain National Forest and stretches from Mount Madison at the north end to the junction just before Mount Pierce at the southern end. It generally claims several 4000-footer summits in between including the Northeast’s tallest peak, Mount Washington (6288’/1917m). One can travel […]

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Tallest and Most Popular

Being the tallest person in the room is attention-getting. And so is being the tallest mountain. In the Northeastern part of the United States, that means Mount Washington. At a mere 6288′ (1917m) it’s considered short by the world’s standard, but it’s a historic mountain, interesting, rich, and exciting, offering its visitors awe-inspiring experiences. It is also revered and respected for its horrible weather. All these […]

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Wedding on Loon

We knew it the day before at the hot and humid rehearsal that the wedding day was going to be likewise hot and humid, even atop the 3065-foot Loon Mountain in Lincoln, NH (the “Exit 32”). The United States, the entire globe actually, was in the grip of a significant heat wave. Wedding guests from Massachusetts informed Redline Guide, owner, and Justice of the Peace, Mike […]

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The People Pile

A million people, apparently, were seeking the peak. On any given day we can find solitude in the White Mountain National Forest, and if that is what’s requested, we can deliver the goods. But if Mount Washington is the objective du jour, we have to take what we get. And believe us when we say some days are better than others for hiking the “Rock Pile.” […]

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Father-Son in Huntington

For a number of years he thought about Huntington Ravine, considering. He watched videos on YouTube, planning. He read first-hand accounts, wondering. His senses on overdrive. He got himself good and stoked, and a little nervous. Knowing routing is super important on this notorious White Mountains hike, this crowned jewel of the Terrifying 25 list — so even though his son had hiked it before — […]

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Bagging Peaks in Baxter

We have become known for helping people complete their New England Hundred Highest (NEHH) list along with others, even lending a hand with the 4000-footers in some cases (especially in winter). Our experience, knowledge, and navigational abilities make us a very good friend to have when tackling some of these mountains. On our most recent mission, Redline Guide Ken Hodges took the lead with a many-time […]

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Helping a Section Hiker

Her trailname is “Bear Repellent” and trust us, she’s no wuss. She realized she had 500 miles left on her Appalachian Trail (AT) section hiking effort and decided that finishing what she started was something that needed to be done. Having randomly joined others for their section hikes in the past, she didn’t really plan out her own sections. Thus, years later — at seventy-one years […]

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Kilkenny Backpack

We write most of these Trip Report posts based information we get from our guides, our guests, or sometimes both. Sometimes we are provided with such rich content, that we can simply edit and re-post their notes and call it a day. This is such the case now where Redline Guide Arlette Laan provided such a great summary of her wilderness-like backpack in the Kilkenny Forest, […]

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Huntington Ravine, Guided

Next floor, Huntington Ravine, going up — ding-ding. The doors rumble open and three ladies enter the elevator, two returning to us from previous Redline Guiding adventures. Redline Guide Ken Hodges at the controls, in the lead, taking this party up, up, and up some more. This is something we do here at Redline Guiding. It’s not so simple as the push of an elevator button, […]

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Earning Trail Names

[…] they heard a moose splashing around […] They went in with the names their parents gave them. Four days later they return to civilization as “Rollover,” “Footloose,” and “Trot” — the last one being the name that Redline Guide Ryan Mcguire earned. He led this White Mountains backpacking experience, and can apparently hike fast. But not fast enough, however, to out-hike the long-distance hikers’ tradition […]

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Nature Giving Back

[…] but nature performed the real magic. Nature takes, but nature gives back. Nature can do surprising things, destructive things. Nature can take away. One day all is right; the next day it is not. Nature can bear its weigh on us in the most unforgiving ways. Then just as suddenly nature can become completely restorative. What nature takes, it often gives back in another form. […]

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