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Huntington Ravine, Guided

Next floor, Huntington Ravine, going up — ding-ding. The doors rumble open and three ladies enter the elevator, two returning to us from previous Redline Guiding adventures. Redline Guide Ken Hodges at the controls, in the lead, taking this party up, up, and up some more. This is something we do here at Redline Guiding. It’s not so simple as the push of an elevator button, though. This is the not-so-easy, tough route finding, clearing challenging scrambles, intimidating actualization of consequences, overcoming the awkward moves that feel and are tenuous, helping you find your inner strength or hidden courage when you need it, giving you encouragement, confidence — or a rope — where needed. Huntington Ravine is all of this. It’s a mental, physical, navigational test. Part puzzle, part dare, a nightmare in the wings. Waiting. So, were these ladies up to the task? Well, reporting on the trip Ken noted that “these ladies have bal…” well, let’s say balance. And fortitude. They crushed it, and they loved it. They literally shouted that they “love this sh*t!” They took on Huntington Ravine and like a juggernaut, they pushed onward and upward, and to them it yielded, they reaching the Holy Grail of cairns signifying that this particular, onerous, intimidating, and potentially lethal Terrifying 25 trail gets a checkmark next to it.

Spoiler Alert: Their smiles only get bigger.

Bigger smiles coupled with maybe some nervous laughter. We sense butterflies in flight. This is the trail.

Final warning, hikers!

Getting to the actual ravine headwall is part of the challenge. Scramble-overs, crawl-unders, navigational ambiguity.

This trail is hands on.

This photo epitomizes Huntington Ravine Trail.

Various scrambles and sketchy spots all lead to the “chimney” which signifies the practical end of the hard stuff.

Topping out. Our guests are feeling tired but elated over this accomplishment.

This large cairn signifies that the ravine is a done deal. Watch them approach it.

See? Bigger smiles. We told you. Congratulations Team!

Descending the steps on the Lion Head Trail.

Well done, Ken. And congratulations, ladies. Thank you for choosing Redline Guiding.

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