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Monthly Archives: July 2018

River Crossing Class

We originally had a full class for today’s half-day women’s-only River Crossing Skills course — put on for the NH Women’s Hiking Group (a.k.a. the Purple Army) — but two of the members decided to take our map and compass course instead. That left us with a grand total of two eager students… and that was totally enough to make it a fun and worthwhile day […]

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Backpacking Between Storms

The rainy weather sure looked interesting. Challenging might be a word to use. Would this even be fun? Our guests — Deborah from New Jersey, and her friend, Jacquie from New York — understandably began to wonder. They wanted it to be fun! We responded with a solid maybe, then we assuaged their fears somewhat by sharing the finer details not all people realize. Minutiae such […]

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Ladies’ Backpacking Weekend

Another successful women’s-only backpacking event happened over the weekend with five ladies going in, including the guide, and five coming out none the worse for the wear. This is our second such weekend this season. So far. The adventure this time began with a premeet at the Unknown Pond Trail trailhead on Mill Brook Road with their leader and instructor, Redline Guide Arlette Laan. There she […]

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Connecting the Huts

A fellow named Florian from Hamburg, Germany, wanted to see some of our mountains, specifically hoping to visit our high peaks in the process of completing a Madison-to-Jackson (Full) Presidental Range Traverse. Moreover he was hoping to become educated about our flora and fauna… a nature tour. And he was looking to accomplish this in a relaxed manner. Utilizing the AMC Huts over the span of […]

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The Backpacker’s Fire

In The Beginning: Where We Have Fire Sometimes it’s nice to have a fire. It can be a source of comfort while keeping the night at bay and warming the soul. And it’ll warm us in other ways, too, from toes to fingers, from gathering the wood to sidling up to the blaze, just watch that you don’t burn your socks or melt the rand or […]

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Hiking the Cohos Trail

We love hearing about what our guides do off the clock as well as what they do when working, and we figure you might, too. We try to post their most significant accomplishments here for that reason. Because of this, and being that there are so many significant accomplishments happening in any given year, we stay busy documenting it all. And here we are again. This […]

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Camp Craft in the Wilds

We had two women’s-only “Camp Like a Champ” backpacking/camp craft events scheduled for this season with the next one coming up the weekend of July 21-22 (sorry, sold out). The first one, however, just happened this past weekend and while it wasn’t full, it was very much a success. This one was led/taught by Redline Guide Jean Lee and it took place in the Wild River […]

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Some of Our Best

A returning guest, Suzanne, asked us to create a memorable experience that would inspire her to continue her recuperation progress after an old injury. After her last tour with us, of South Moat (unrecorded), she was ready for more but to take it easy on her. She is, after all, not a spring chicken. She wanted to ramp things up, getting stronger as she goes. To […]

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The Battle of Dartmouth

It should say The Battle of Millen Hill even though the larger Mt Dartmouth was the main objective, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s start at the beginning. A week ago Redline Guide Mike Cherim began teaching a single, young student — 13-year-old Sage — on the first of two days of private, intense Wilderness Navigation training. This training was very similar, in fact, to […]

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‘ello Wilderness

A father and son from London, England, wanted a wilderness backpacking experience and one as true to the real thing as possible here in New Hampshire. While wilderness tentsites were okay, we opted to avoid platforms and shelters to help deliver the experience they requested. After some discussion, we decided to take them to the Wild River Wilderness. Its qualities are a wilder wilderness with fewer […]

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