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Monthly Archives: September 2023

The Backpacking Bug

We develop some wonderful relationships with our guests. Some of them literally become our friends. On the first trip with our “friends” we get to know each other a bit, realizing later, by say trip two or three, that Redline Guide Arlette Laan (for example, or whoever they’re assigned to) is awesome. Fun, engaging, knowledgeable, and also approachable. It feeds the fire and they end up […]

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From Elsewhere

Our guest was from Massachusetts, but grew up elsewhere. She came to us hoping we would help her complete a bucket list item for her. The item: it was to hike the famed Classic Presidential Traverse. Leading on this amazing hike on this beautiful day was Redline Guide Dominic Torro. He told us she was one smart lady, well-known in her area of expertise. Both guide […]

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Up-Down, Up-Down

Most trails on most mountains require hikers go up if they want to summit whatever they’re on at the time. It’s a basic premise. Not all trails, though. Some, like taking on New Hampshire’s Mt Isolation — a particularly stout 4000-footer — via the Glen Boulder Trail, for example, requires hikers hike a lot higher than the summit they’re actually after. By roughly a thousand feet, […]

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Triple Wedding Weekend

Want to do it right without spending eight million dollars? You know, when you get married. We can answer that call and offer a mountain venue. It’s less, but even more impactful than that same old, same old — at least to those who appreciate that which surrounds them. Trees, sky, water, earth, and all that nature stuff. That’s what these three couples did. They chose […]

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Nature Tour to the Nth

What began life as a full day Nature Tour featuring Franconia Notch and some of what it has to offer, ended up being quite a bit more. As it turned out the visiting Connecticut couple had a lot of energy so adding a quick 4000-footer in the tour mix seemed feasible. Redline Guide Mike Maciel sent us a text detailing the change. And speaking of detailing. […]

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All Coming Together

We just guided a rock star of the New Hampshire hiking community. Specifically Redline Guide Chase Hall did. The rockstar was a guest who is creatively getting to the end of not one but three lists — not including her finish of the RMC-100 list which was completed on this trip, as was The Northern Peaks and the Great Gulf tab of the red-lining spreadsheet. Today, […]

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Owls Head After the Storm

We thought twice, then once more for good measure, wondering if not worried about the feasibility and safety of the hike coming up. It wasn’t a bad one. It was the 4029-foot Owls Head Mountain, just a long one. One of the 48 — and it was the 48 for this guest (congratulations)! This tour was led by Redline Guide Dominic Torro. The questioning was present […]

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Life Goals: Mt Washington

He wasn’t driven by lists. He wanted the mountain because it was there, because it called to him, because it was on his bucket list, and because of its formidable reputation. He wanted us because nobody in his own circles was jumping at the chance and he really wanted a companion for this one. It was time to hire a guide. The title tells the tale, […]

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A Little Scar

The other day, maybe last week, Redline Guide Pat Ferland went on a little hike on his day off taking on one of the New England Hundred Highest, for fun it might seem to the casual observer. But we knew he was on a reconnaissance mission knowing a paid gig for finding the same objective was right around the corner. He hadn’t been up that one, […]

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The Cure for Isolation

Don’t want to take on the 4004-foot Mt Isolation in isolation? You don’t have to mess with that peak, or any other for that matter, by yourself. Not with Redline Guide Chase Hall leading the way, on this day a private tour. They went the Glen Boulder way, too. Sure, you have to hike to over 5000-feet before dropping down to a hair over 4000-feet. Oh, […]

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Navigating Three Weddings

Navigating three weddings then adding navigation — to be precise. That’s what was in store for Redline Guide, and this weekend mostly JP, Mike Cherim. A Labor Day weekend of labor, though all truly a labor of love. Mike officiated two weddings Saturday, one at Saco Lake, the birthplace of the Saco River, and the other at Indian Head Resort in Lincoln. This act was followed […]

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A Perfect Fit’s No Accident

The collective experience of our guides is impressive. It’s true, and we are quick to boldly remind anyone who may forget. That experience leads to some excellent customized planning and decision-making on our hikes and backpacks. We know it’s all magic out there and it’s hard to go wrong, but with the guide’s understanding and deep knowledge, we are able to provide some fine, premium adventures. […]

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