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Life Goals: Mt Washington

He wasn’t driven by lists. He wanted the mountain because it was there, because it called to him, because it was on his bucket list, and because of its formidable reputation. He wanted us because nobody in his own circles was jumping at the chance and he really wanted a companion for this one. It was time to hire a guide. The title tells the tale, but in case you missed it, the mountain is the 6288-foot Mt Washington. The route — which our guest discovered for himself during the research phase of this trip and ultimately chose — ended up being the Huntington Ravine Trail (the “most dangerous hiking trail” in the White Mountain National Forest). This gnarly route up is a destination unto itself. If you’re going to go, go big. And go with Redline Guide Will Murphy. The photos that follow are his from the trip.

But before we do, it’s time to put on a sales hat. Fall/foliage hiking is nearly upon us. Join us. Okay, okay, here are the promised images:

Fine lead, Will, and to our guest: great job on route and summit. Thanks for choosing Redline Guiding!

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